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Okt 04 2018

Prayer of the Day – Stand firm in Faith, the Joy of Love and Hope for Tomorrow

Opening Prayer – Stand firm in Faith, the Joy of Love and Hope for Tomorrow

The founder of the order – HL. FRANCIS OF ASSISI


Giovanni Battista Bernardone; * 1181 oder 1182 in Assisi, Italien; † 3. Oktober 1226 in der Portiuncula-Kapelle unterhalb der Stadt

Top part of the oldest portrait of St. Francis, a mural painting in the sacred grotto “St. Benedict’s Cave” in Subiaco. – * 1181 or 1182 in Assisi, Italy; † October 3, 1226 in the Portiuncula Chapel




Francis left his house and his inheritance,

to share the lot of the poor.

But the Lord has raised him to himself.





God, you father of the poor,

you have chosen St. Francis of Assisi,

in complete poverty and humility

To become like Christ.

Get ready

in the footsteps of St. Francis

to follow your son,

so we in joy and love

stay connected with you.

That is why we ask through Jesus Christ.












Das Credo – Ich glaube

Das Vaterunser – Das Grundgebet der gesamten Christenheit

Ave Maria

Ehre sei Gott

Das Benedictus



2017 Photo / Image  © Pastor Peter Stanic







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