Tuesday, June 19, 2018  +++  Mitglieder der Gemeinde  41.669  +++  Amazing members of the community  41.669  +++  God’s Word for every day !  Keepeth my commandments and walked in my law, which shall not die for the iniquity of his father.  Ezekiel 18:17  #Dailywatchword




ERÖFFNUNGSVERS Ps 25 (24), 6.2.22 Denk an dein Erbarmen, Herr, und an die Taten deiner Huld, denn sie bestehen von Ewigkeit. Lass unsere Feinde nicht triumphieren! Befreie uns, Gott Israels, aus all unseren Nöten. - 2017 Photo / Image © Pastor Peter Stanic

Lord our God,
Be kind to your church.
Because we are by moderation
Keep the body in discipline and repent,
Give our spirit
The true longing for you.
This is why we ask through Jesus Christ. Amen – 2017 Photo / Image © Pastor Peter Stanic

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